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Microsoft to Launch New Surface PC

Microsoft to Launch New Surface PCMicrosoft to Launch New Surface PC

A Microsoft event is scheduled for October 26 in New York City, with the Internet abuzz about what the product to be released could be. It is predicted that the new device on show will be a PC variant of the highly popular Surface line of computers, as pictures circulating online show Microsoft’s latest new keyboard, which happens to look very similar to the more famous Apple iMac keyboard many have used in recent years. It is unlikely the new product is a phone or wearable band as the company has recently ended production of its much ridiculed Lumia line of phones, as well its chunky Microsoft Band sports tracker. The main focus of the event will be the unveiling of Microsoft’s vision of Windows 10 and the company’s PC hardware is designed to complement the latest version of the veritable desktop operating system. Microsoft under its latest CEO, Satya Nadalla, has turned its operations away from chasing the smartphone market to becoming a leader in technology development with products like HoloLens that overlays graphics over reality.


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