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National Web Project by February 2017

National Web Project by February 2017National Web Project by February 2017

The second phase of the national web project will go into operation by next February according to a deputy at the National Cyberspace Center.

Cultural development is one of the most important priorities of the project and is being seriously pursued, said Amir Khorakian at a press conference on Saturday.

“Alongside this, protecting children and teenagers in cyberspace and providing a safe and useful experience, are also on top of the agenda,” IRNA quoted the official as saying on September 24.  

The first phase of the project went operational on August 28, with international media wrongly reporting that the local Intranet would disconnect the World Wide Web from Internet service providers of Iranians.

The main goals of the project are to enhance e-governance services, enable IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) and to secure banking mobile payments.

Digital banking services are a key aspect of the new Intranet service where financial data will now be kept internally rather than rely on international networks which are liable to hacking by hostile states.

The second phase of the much anticipated project will bring affordable High-Definition video services to major cities and public electronic services while the third will focus on securing broadband and cloud services on local servers.  

Khorakian further said that a document had been prepared for promoting the growth of local messaging applications while “organizing the use of foreign-based messaging applications [like Telegram and Whatsapp].”

“The most important issues are building trust with the users, privacy policies and producing local content.”

Other areas in which productive work is being done, said the official, is the use of Persian language online, digital libraries and banking data.

He also noted that support has been given by the authorities to let the private sector deal with much of the development of the project.