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Xiaomi Releases Air Purifier in India

Xiaomi Releases Air Purifier in IndiaXiaomi Releases Air Purifier in India

Xiaomi has launched the Mi Purifier 2 in India, the first product from its range of Mi Ecosystem devices to be launched in the country.

The device is 40% smaller than its predecessor and has a 310 cubic meters per second clean air delivery rate and takes about 10 minutes to circulate purified air in a 21 square meters room. It is designed to suck in air through all four sides and blow out clean air from the top.

Mi Purifier 2 is connected to the cloud through Wi-Fi and communicates with your smartphone through the Mi Home app on iOS and Android. You can control the purifier from anywhere in the world through the app that gives real time air quality reading and also informs when it is time to change the filters.

The purifier is priced at $149. It will be available through from September 26 and from Flipkart starting October 2. The replacement filters are priced at $37.

The item is not likely to make to the Iranian market.