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Iran Telco to Launch New Services

Iran Telco to Launch New ServicesIran Telco to Launch New Services

Telecommunications Company of Iran will unveil five services in the upcoming Iran Telecom 2016 fair.

Mohammad Reza Bidkhah, a spokesman of TCI, also said voice message, VDSL2, public Wi-Fi and VOIP are among services slated to be unveiled.

VDSL2 and public Wi-Fi services are to facilitate citizens’ access to information. Very-high-bit-rate digital subscriber line 2 (VDSL2) is a digital subscriber line technology providing data transmission faster than asymmetric digital subscriber line.

Through the public Wi-Fi services, people may obtain high speed Internet access anywhere and anytime, which liberates many from sluggish old-fashioned domestic ADSL packages.

Voice over Internet Protocol is a methodology and group of technologies for the delivery of voice communications and multimedia sessions over Internet Protocol networks that will make high quality and stable communications between subscribers possible.

One of the other services, which the company’s spokesperson said would attract a great deal of attention, is its upcoming voice message services.

The service enables users and subscribers to exchange personal voice messages, select and deliver voice information and process transactions related to individuals, organizations, products and services, using an ordinary telephone.

According to the official, users would also be able to receive delivery reports and message a number of subscribers simultaneously by using a computer.

Iran Telecom 2016 fair is to be held in Tehran from September 26 to 30 and in addition to TCI, other major Iranian telecom and ICT companies like Mobile Telecommunications Company of Iran (or Hamrah-e-Aval or MCI) and its mobile banking service provider Jiring will participate in the event.

Taliya, Iran’s first privately-owned mobile phone network, is also likely to be present. Other Internet Protocol Television streaming companies like Iseema and several companies active in e-commerce have also registered to attend the event, according to the organizers.

As sanctions on Iran begin to crumble after the successful signing of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action in Vienna, Austria, on July 14, a select group of industries have been considered prime investment targets, one of which is telecommunications, especially mobile telecoms that is expected to have the highest growth potential in the next few years.

This field has one of the quickest turnarounds in terms of generating revenue, as people seek the latest handheld device and high Internet speeds.

Iran currently ranks as one of the top Middle East countries for mobile phone ownership, with penetration believed to be at over 120%. All these have led to the sector’s exceptional growth in terms of attracting foreign investors.