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Iran Starts Online Bread Delivery

Iran Starts Online Bread DeliveryIran Starts Online Bread Delivery

As Iran’s webscape continues to expand in different directions, a unique online service has popped up. Called (meaning wheat in Persian), the new service does exactly what it sounds like it does, and delivers fresh bread to your door. The website, which has teamed up with several bakeries around Tehran, allows people to order different breads (lavash, barbari, taftoon) online. Gandoom is the latest of such food-specific websites delivering to people’s homes in Tehran, with others delivering specifically western breakfasts and other more localized cuisines. According to Webna, users of the site can easily pick the kind of bread they want and then either pay online or upon delivery. An app version of the website is also available through Iran’s own Android store, Café Bazaar. The website also allows preorders of breads for specific events, which is better than waiting in the long line and settling for substandard fare.