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NIN 50% of Funds for in Content Production

NIN 50% of Funds for in Content ProductionNIN 50% of Funds for in Content Production

Iran’s High Council of Cyberspace has ruled that 50% of the funds allocated for the establishment and expansion of National Information Network (Iran’s homegrown and internalized network) must go to indigenous content production.

In an Interview with Tasnim News Agency, Abolhassan Firouzabadi, the head of Iran’s High Council of Cyberspace, announced the new ruling on September 5.

The first phase of Iran’s long-awaited National Information Network, established by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technologys was officially launched on August 28.

At the last session of HCC, the latest report on the development of NIN was presented.

Firouzabadi said the first phase of the project is progressing as per schedule and it will be completed before the World Information Society Day on May 17, 2017.

World Information Society Day was proclaimed by a United Nations General Assembly resolution following the 2005 World Summit on Information Society in Tunis.

According to the official, the framework and fundamental elements of NIN have been devised by the ministry and HCC, and the process has been supervised by other state bodies.

The official said several features were designated for the network, including NIN’s exclusive reliance on national infrastructure, independent management and secure connection with foreign networks.

High quality fixed and mobile communications services are to be provided to all citizens through the network, including encrypted communications, digital signature and data center services.

The network will also secure permanent and stable connection between all national bodies and boost competition in the sector.

According to Firouzabadi’s statements, one of the most important goals of National Information Network is to produce local content, with 50% of the funds allocated for NIN going to indigenous content production.

NIN–also known as Internet-e Paak (meaning “Pure” in Persian, implying an Internet cleansed of unethical and socially offensive content)—will be an alternative and independent countrywide network. Its content will be compatible with Islamic values.

According to the official, NIN will facilitate Iranian users’ access to indigenous content, lower cost and improve the quality of services.

The project will be developed further in two phases, with the second phase slated for February 2017.

Officials related to the project have previously said NIN will not disconnect Iran from World Wide Web, but act as a secondary domestic channel.