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Locally-made Biodegradable Nanoplastics

Locally-made Biodegradable Nanoplastics Locally-made Biodegradable Nanoplastics

Iranian researchers from The University of Mohaghegh Ardabili, Ardebil Province, have used nanotechnology to produce plastics with high biodegradability.  The new nanotech could be an appropriate replacement for existing plastics in future. While the demand for green and eco-friendly packaging is on the increase, numerous researches have been carried out to use natural materials in the packaging industry and some have applied nanotechnology in the production methods, Mehr News Agency reported. Researchers have tried to improve applicable properties of starch and increase its competitiveness in comparison with other polymers used in the packaging industry. Adding nanoparticles to starch polymer to create nanocomposite film is one of the most important approaches that has been applied in the current research.