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1st Digital Content Creation Marathon

1st Digital Content Creation Marathon 1st Digital Content Creation Marathon

The first Digital Content Creation Marathon was held at Sharif University of Technology in Tehran on Friday. The event was organized in collaboration with the Vice Presidency’s Office of Science and Technology Affairs. A total of 33 teams took part, IRNA reported. Amir Hossein Asadi, secretary of the first event, highlighted the importance of digital technologies in economic development.

The official said cyber services and products can be divided into two major categories, namely content and advanced technologies. “To achieve acceptable advances, both areas should be developed side by side,” he said, adding that digital content creation is vital to the development of knowledge-based economy. Asadi said the event will help identify local potentials in content creation. Entrepreneurship, knowledge-based economy, culture, society and healthy lifestyle were major topics of the event. Contestants were tasked with creating applications, websites and videogames.  The teams had 12 hours to compete after they were given a random topic. The top products will be selected by the judges and commercialized in collaboration with tech companies.