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Iran to Participate in Gamescom 2016 in Germany

Iran to Participate in Gamescom 2016 in GermanyIran to Participate in Gamescom 2016 in Germany

Iran Computer and Videogames Foundation (IRCG) will represent Iran’s gaming sector at Gamescom.

Organized by BIU (Federal Association of Interactive Entertainment Software), Gamescom is a trade fair for videogames held annually since 2009 at Koelnmesse in Cologne, Germany.

Gamescom is the world’s largest gaming event in regards with exhibition space and number of visitors. With 345,000 visitors, more than 6,000 journalists and 700 exhibitors from 88 countries are expected to attend the show in its sixth year.

Gamescom 2016 will be held from 18-21 August.

According to ICTNA—a local technology website, IRCG will create Iran’s pavilion for Gamescom.

By utilizing Gamescom’s business and entertainment area Iranian companies present at the event would be able to attract new partners.

As the only event of its kind, Gamescom links the entire value-added chain, from developers, publishers and trade all the way down to consumers, while stimulating discussion forums at every level.

Also, in order to maximize Iran’s exposure, developers can use Gamescom as an opportunity to connect with leading international publishers.

With the most cutting-edge technologies and games showcased, Iranian companies will get consumer-side insights into the current state of games in Europe and will have the chance to gain inspiration from their counterparts.

In addition to these, IRCG will negotiate with foreign companies and scientific bodies active in the sector.

Furthermore, IRCG aims to forge a deal with Game Connection at Gamescom. Game Connection is a business convention of the videogames industry. It is an international marketplace for game developers, service providers and publishers looking to expand their network and find the right business partners.

  Iranian Firms Profiled

To make foreigners at Gamescom familiar with Iran’s gaming sector, IRCG has published a book titled “Iran’s Game Industry Essential Facts and Key Players”. More than 60 Iranian game developing companies are introduced in the book.

IRCG’s Research Center will provide detailed statistics about Iran’s gaming market.

Fanafzar, an Iranian game developing and publishing company active since 2003 will also be present at the event. The company will showcase games produced by several Iranian companies.

On top of that, Fanafzar recently hosted a game developing event where developers were supposed to submit game prototypes made in one month. Winners’ final products will be exhibited at Gamescom by Fanafzar.

Another Iranian company present at the event will be ANU Game Studio. It seems that the company is willing to seal outsourcing deals with foreign companies.

Alongside introducing national companies and developments in the sector, IRCG also aims to promote Tehran Game Convention at Gamescom.

As the first Iranian international videogame-related event, TGC will be held on April 29 and 30, 2017. Games Connection will collaborate with IRCG in holding the event.

The PC and console games market in Iran is worth approximately $140 million, based on research firm Newzoo’s latest data that project it to grow to $167 million this year.

But the majority of this is hard to measure or accurately track because it lurks in gray and black markets due to decades of sanctions and the absence of official distribution channels, according to Venture Beat.

Iran is the world’s 41st and the Middle East’s third largest videogame market and earned $124 million in 2014. It also has one of the largest Internet-active populations in the Middle East, endowing the industry with healthy growth prospects.

Some 30% of Iranians are said to regularly play digital games.