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Indigenous, Free App Analytics Tool Released

Indigenous, Free App Analytics Tool ReleasedIndigenous, Free App Analytics Tool Released

Cheshmak, an Iranian software developer, has released the first indigenous mobile tool for application analytics.

Knowing how many people download your app, how much money you’re making, or what users think of your app is important, but these are definitely not the only things an app developer should be tracking. They also need to learn how, when, where and by what kind of audience their app is being used and this makes an app analytics tool vital.

According to local technology website Webna, Cheshmak  provides real-time analysis and visualization of automatically collected and correlated data as well as insight into IT operations, customer experience and business outcomes.

All services provided by Cheshmak are free of charge and its developers have promised to keep it this way.

The app analytics focuses on three basic areas, namely app systems, app users and app development process.

Cheshmak also aims to improve the development, maintenance and management of applications. It is particularly valuable for software practitioners who want to better understand their customers and gain insight into how to improve user experience.

The servcies can be accessed by referring to