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New Iranian Website to Assist Tech-Buyers

New Iranian Website to Assist Tech-BuyersNew Iranian Website to Assist Tech-Buyers

While shoppers look for information to make better purchasing decisions, marketers are seek more effective ways of driving brand awareness and sales.

The Internet can integrate content and commerce into a powerful data-driven platform to make buying decisions easier for customers.

According to local news website Akhbar Rasmi, to cater to the needs of both shoppers and business owners, a new local website has been launched that lists the best offers available on electronic devices depending on the user’s specific needs.

Offering an innovative way to shop for electronic devices, Bartarin Pishnahad (meaning “Best Offer” in Persian) was launched on August 7.

The website has been developed by Mobtakeran Software Company whose CEO, Sepehr Mohammad, said the website provides a new way to discover products while giving you “an easy to grasp overview of what is available on the market. It also provides tools that help you find the perfect product.”

Bartarin Pishnahad claims to provide shoppers with “relevant information on today’s purchases and tomorrow’s innovations with several daily articles”, said the CEO.

Currently, the website only lists laptops, but the developers have said categories will expand to include other gadgets in the near future.

The website provides services through a simple procedure. When you visit the website, you are asked to answer a few simple questions, such as the laptop size you want, your budget and what you plan to do most with your laptop.

After answering these questions, the website will provide recommendations and information on retailers that sell the product.

Bartarin Pishnahad does not currently have a mobile application, but the developers plan to release an app soon.