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Iranians Develop Fire Retardant Technology

Iranians Develop Fire Retardant TechnologyIranians Develop Fire Retardant Technology

A team of scientists at Kashan University have developed a flame retardant technology.

By utilizing nanotechnology, Professor Masoud Salavati and his team have developed a novel way to make fabrics and devices flame retardant, Mehr News Agency reported.

Flame retardants are chemicals added to combustible materials to render them more resistant to ignition. There is a wide range of chemicals used for this purpose.

In recent years, following governmental support, nanotechnologies have achieved significant growth.

Nanocomposites—polymer-layered silicates have gained increasing attention since the late 1990s as a potential flame retardant.

These composites prevent dripping and promote char formation. Therefore, they have been used as synergists in flame retardant combinations.

FRs interfere with combustion during heating, decomposition, ignition or flame spread.  Salavati explained that the application of FRs is limited because of environmental requirements.

“In the presence of a flame, magnetic nanoparticles remain together, show resistance to dripping and protect the polymer matrix,” he explained.

“Dispersed nanoparticles play the role of a magnetic barrier, which slows product volatilization and prevents flames and oxygen from reaching the sample during the decomposition of the polymer.”

The invention can be used in the auto or space industries, and even in producing everyday objects.