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Mobile Jammers Banned in Iran

Mobile Jammers Banned in IranMobile Jammers Banned in Iran

Legal measures are being implemented against the unauthorized utilization of jammers within Iran, as the use of the devices has increased in recent years.

Hossein Fallah Joshaqani, deputy director of Iran’s Communications Regulatory Authority, said utilizing unauthorized cellphone jammers is a illegal and the culprit will be punished.

In accordance with regulations issued in 2008, the import, sale and utilization of cellphone jammers without the regulator’s authorization is against the law.

Generally, jammers called signal blockers, GPS jammers, cellphone jammers, text blockers, etc. are radio frequency transmitters designed to block, jam, or otherwise interfere with radio communications.

Jamming technology generally does not discriminate between desirable and undesirable communications. A jammer can block all radio communications on any device that operates on radio frequencies within its range by emitting radio frequency waves that prevent the targeted device from establishing or maintaining a connection.

In recent years, several academic and military entities reportedly had been using jammers without obtaining the legal permissions. Last week, these transmitters were collected and the institutions were fined.

One of the main concerns about utilizing jammers is that a jammed environment is basically the equivalent of putting people in a more concentrated electromagnetic radiation incubator, which can give rise to health issues. These machines also can block emergency signals that can cause serious problems.