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Sony Showcases New 4K HD TV

Sony Showcases New 4K HD TVSony Showcases New 4K HD TV

Sony showcased its latest 4K Ultra HD TVs in the US and the spectacular lineup comes to complete the varied television experience that the company has been offering.

Each of the new television models offers a high-end 4K viewing experience, paired with a conversion quality from HD sources that nearly touch the 4K threshold.

The high-end detail shapes up via the 8 million pixels from the 4K TVs, meaning that users get four times as much detail as Full HD, according to a press release.

The manufacturer touts that the XBR-X800D line packs High Dynamic Range support, making it ready for the latest video standard.

It should be noted that each TV model comes pre-installed with Android TV, a variant of Google’s mobile operating system aimed at set top boxes, gaming consoles and TVs.

Android TV also features an improved Voice Search feature, which gives way to natural language support. This means that complex sentences and questions can be delivered to the device, with appropriate answers and solutions thrown back at the user.

There is currently no release date on the televisions in Iran, but expect variants of these models to arrive in the coming months in Tehran.

The 49-inch XBR-49X800D costs $1,499.99, while the 49-inch XBR-49X700D asks users to shell out $999.99.

The smallest in the lineup at 43 inches, the XBR-43X800D, has a list price of $1,299.99.

The biggest devices, the 55-inch XBR-55X700D and the 65-inch XBR-65X750D, come at price points of $1,499.99 and $2,299.99, respectively.