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Turkey Coup Curbs Iran's Web Speed

Turkey Coup Curbs Iran's Web SpeedTurkey Coup Curbs Iran's Web Speed

Following the recent attempted military coup in Turkey, Internet speeds in the Islamic Republic were suppressed following a crackdown in the neighboring country's Internet.  

As Turkey is one of the countries from which Iran purchases bandwidth, several Internet users in the country noticed a significant decline in their Internet speed, Mehr News Agency reported. In response to these concerns, an unnamed spokesperson of Iran's Telecommunications Infrastructure Company said, "The national Internet network is operating normally and Iran's bandwidth has not decreased at all."

However, disruptions caused a big drop in Turkey’s Internet traffic, according to CEO of CloudFlare, a US-based Internet security service. Access was restricted in Turkey on Friday to Facebook, Twitter and Alphabet's YouTube shortly after news that a military coup was underway, according to two Internet monitoring groups.