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Iranians Pioneer Trolley Automation

Iranians Pioneer Trolley Automation
Iranians Pioneer Trolley Automation

Researchers at a knowledge-based company have designed an automatic trolley for washing and bandaging wounds, according to a new report from an agency supporting new innovative business.

The machine is fully automatic and washes and bandages wounds in sterilized conditions, cutting the risk of infection.

No precedent had been recorded of a machine capable of doing the same task in Iran or outside the country.

In an interview with Mehr News Agency, Mohammad Naderizadeh, the project's director and CEO of Iran Tavana, an Iranian science-based company said, "The trolleys currently used in medical centers can transmit viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungi."

He added that the use of this invention in medical centers and hospitals will reduce the chances of transmitting diseases from person to person.

The trolley has separate buckets for infectious and non-infectious wounds and a peristaltic pump is used for washing wounds.

The machine can be operated by one technician, therefore it would significantly decrease costs of patients and medical facilities.

The prototype has been modified to be compatible with the needs of medical wards.

Naderizadeh noted that the Ministry of Health has approved the use of the trolley.

The Shiraz Hospital will trial the invention with the possibility of other hospitals around the country also using the device.

Knowledge-based companies in Iran are now fully supported by the government, tax organization and other agencies to create new jobs and further the country's research sector.