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Iranian Villages Get eCommerce Boost

Iranian Villages Get eCommerce BoostIranian Villages Get eCommerce Boost

RoostaKala, an Iranian startup that enables villagers to bypass middlemen and sell their products directly to consumers, has been launched online.

A group of benefactors from different parts of the country cofounded the website,, which enables villagers and rural producers to directly sell their products and earn a greater share of profits.

In addition to supporting less developed regions, consumers can buy organic products that would not be purchasable in cities at an affordable price.

Customers are also able to buy handicrafts from bags to jewels and leather goods at discount prices .

Being remote from consumers and the market always forced rural producers to rely on intermediaries, brokers and distributers, which only leads to a decline in profit for producers, an unreasonable rise in prices and the inevitable loss of market.

Based on Resistance Economy, incubator centers were created to enable startups like this. The Resistance Economy is a set of policies outlined by the Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei to bolster economic self-reliance and limit dependence on oil revenues.

The website, formed by veteran entrepreneurs, academicians, officials and experts, provides strategies to solve the problems facing deprived regions and boost the national economy.