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Bluetooth Keychain Gets Crowdfunding

Bluetooth Keychain Gets CrowdfundingBluetooth Keychain Gets Crowdfunding

For the first time at Avatech, one of Iran's privately-owned startup accelerators, a new company used crowdfunding to build 400 prototypes of their innovative product.

Findima is an electronic keychain connected to ones' cellphone via Bluetooth. When the users lose their keys, the device will sound an alarm.

The electronic device can be easily attached to keys, bags or whatever one might lose or misplace, and it will help find the lost object by beeping.

In addition, whenever the distance between the device and ones' cellphone exceeds a limit, it will alarm the owner. By pressing a button on the device, the owner's phone, even if it is on silent mode, will beep until the lost item is found.

Crowdfunding is one of the commonly used methods of securing resources for startups.

Findima is listed on the website for 500,000 rials ($14), making the item quite expensive for Iranian buyers.

Avatech CEO Mohsen Malayeri said, "Software, hardware and the industrial design of this product have been completed by the Germinal Team and it can be now manufactured with crowdsourcing."

The company secured $4,800 to manufacture Findima. Among the supporters of this startup are Abhar Wire + Cable Company, Arvand Guarantee and Saziba that bought the sponsorship package of this product.

The company did not announce when those buyers will receive the new device.

Germinal also has a lot of competition from Chinese manufacturers who sell a similar item on the US eBay site for $2.