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Divar, an Iranian e-commerce company, providing consumer-to-consumer sales and exchange services via the Internet, has been launched in Afghanistan.

Hessam Armandehi, CEO and founder of Divar and Café Bazaar, Iranian Android classified ads platform and marketplace respectively, said on June 29 via his Twitter account that has been launched in Afghanistan, Digiato reported.

The services are currently limited to Kabul and Herat but if it is well received in these two cities, its services may be expanded to other Afghan cities.

Much like Craigslist, people can buy, sell or swap cars, furniture, household appliances or musical instruments on Divar.

The website is one of a few companies providing consumer-to-consumer services in Iran. One of the contenders vying to grab a slice of the business is Sheypoor.

Launched in 2007, it took Divar until 2013 to focus its activities on online sales.

The city using the sales website the most was the holy city of Qom, followed by Arak in Markazi province in recent months.