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Gov't Announces Mobile App Services

Gov't Announces Mobile App ServicesGov't Announces Mobile App Services

A new service announced by the government will allow people to access online services via an Android mobile application. The "Favakade" app enables cellphone users to access e-services provided by different institutions and state bodies, Mehr News Agency reported. Users of the new service can directly monitor postal deliveries, driver's license applications, military service completion card delivery and understand pricing of government services. In addition, people can also enquire and receive text messages concerning traffic violations, check medicine authenticity and inquire about property contracts, driving fines, driver's license negative points and also check (social security) insurance records. Users can also pay bills by scanning barcodes, while also topping up pay-as-you-go mobile phones. In addition to the aforementioned applications, the new app allows users in Tehran specifically to access several police services.  The app follows the administration of President Hassan Rouhani's e-governance initiative to slash costs and streamline public services.