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Iran Announces 10-Year Space Plans

Iran Announces 10-Year Space PlansIran Announces 10-Year Space Plans

The Iranian Space Agency has announced plans to build satellites and place them into the geosynchronous equatorial orbit in the next 10 years.

GEO is a circular orbit 35,786 kilometers above the Earth’s equator and follows the direction of the Earth’s rotation.

Speaking to the press on Monday, Mohammad Homayoun Sadr, deputy director of ISA, said the Iranian satellites launched so far were experimentations, Mehr News Agency reported.

“The 10-year space plans have been drafted for constructing two remote sensing and telecommunications satellites. The remote sensing device will produce high-precision images,” he said.

“We aim to launch domestically-made geosynchronous satellites into orbit by 2025.”

The official noted that by March 20, 2017, Iran will have launched a remote sensing satellite while two more satellites are expected to be launched in the following year.

According to Sadr, the next step will be to put satellites into higher altitudes to capture more precise images.