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LG Targets Midrange Buyers With X Series

LG Targets Midrange Buyers With X Series
LG Targets Midrange Buyers With X Series

LG has launched a new range of smartphones in its X series, with all four of them being aimed squarely at the midrange market.

The devices called the X Power, X Mach, X Style and X Max will be added to a lineup already featuring the X Cam and X Screen.

The phones will be available later this month and while details are still sketchy about the phones, they are reportedly aimed at different uses, Digital Trends reported.

As its name suggests, the X Power is aimed at giving users enough battery life to last the day—something it does with a hefty 4,100 mAh battery, while still keeping a relatively thin frame that is 7.9 mm thick.

The X Mach is aimed at faster performance, supporting LTE Cat 9 3CA data transfers with a 1.8 GHz processor. While it’s aimed at performance, that does not mean its screen is no good—it uses a QHD IPS Quantum display to offer clear images. It also has a “high-performance camera” that is designed to take great low-light photos.

The X Style, as the name suggests, is all about looks: It offers a thin, curved body with a large display for media watching.

Apparently LG does not have anything to say about the X Max—no specs for the device were offered in its launch announcement. Full specs, pricing and specific availability are unknown at this time, but those should be made clear when the devices launch later this month.

Midrange phones are becoming the real moneymakers for companies like LG. Though LG’s G series normally take the spotlight, it will be the X series that makes LG a large bulk of its money, at least when it comes to mobile.