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Apple Announces Updates With iOS 10

Apple Announces Updates With iOS 10
Apple Announces Updates With iOS 10

Apple is attempting to play catchup in this never-ending rollercoaster of technological development with its main competition coming from Microsoft, Google and now even Amazon.

With Apple's release of iOS 10, the Photos app will use machine learning and facial recognition to automatically group together photos of common faces or subjects without needing to tag anything.

According to CNET, the Memories feature organizes photos into categories like trips, events and can even make videos with music that matches the mood.

Apple's Messages app is long overdue for a makeover and it's getting a big one with iOS 10.

A feature called bubble effects will let you choose the intensity of a response and have it appear as large or small text on screen. It also applies to emojis.

With the release of iOS 10, Maps gets a new look and feel. On top of some interface spit and polish, expect to see additional functionality. There is no word whether their atrocious maps for Tehran are any better—time will tell.

Apple's AI Siri is also going to get an upgrade in terms of intelligence with Siri now available on macOS.

In addition to these major updates, Apple also announced that its Apple Music service will also be upgraded with new artists being added and an interface to match.