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Tree Damage Control App Developed

Tree Damage Control App Developed
Tree Damage Control App Developed

A new indigenously developed Android app has hit the market with a very different mission–to report sick and damaged trees around the country.

Called Derakhtban, the new application can predict the time of a tree’s uprooting or breaking with 87% precision, Mehr News Agency reported.

Nozar Nozari, the app developer, said Derakhtban (Tree Protector in English) can receive data related to the location and appearance of a tree and connect to weather stations (synoptic sensors providing information on air pressure, rainfall, wind and temperature), which then analyzes data and predicts the time of its uprooting or breaking up.”

Nozari also said his application has the option of storing data on the geographic location and other information on an internal mapping system, while also predicting the appearance of frost in the local area.

He added that the application also has another attractive feature, as it predicts soil moisture and suggests an appropriate time for watering, which helps save water—a major issue in Iran.

The developer added that Derakhtban can receive information about the types of trees, identify the pests and other problems, in addition to offering solutions to the gardener.

Nozari stressed that his application is the first of its kind and has no domestic or foreign counterpart.