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Turkey Opens New Data Center

Turkey Opens New Data CenterTurkey Opens New Data Center

Turkcell, Turkey’s biggest cell operator, has unveiled the country’s largest data center in Gebze near Istanbul. The company wishes to use its servers to host Google and other companies in the region. Turkcell’s new data center is spread over 33,000 square meters. The active area–known as white space—consists of 20 rooms of 500 square meters each. The building has 33,000 meters of fiber connections. The infrastructure is supported by a 30-megawatt energy capacity and 25 generators of 2500 KVA each. Security is maintained with retina-scanning technology, 146 cameras and 6,400 control sensors, according to a report from Business Wire. Turkcell network supports more than 2 Tbps bandwidth in its international connections. In addition to the data traffic of Turkey, 50% of the data traffic to Georgia, Iraq and Iran go through the Turkcell network. It is not known whether the company aims to further develop its relations with its eastern neighbors, but Iran’s Communications and Information Technology Ministry has stated several times it aims to purchase more bandwidth from regional countries.