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Film, TV and Music Celebrities Dominate Internet Trends in May

Film, TV and Music Celebrities Dominate Internet Trends in May
Film, TV and Music Celebrities Dominate Internet Trends in May

Online movements in May registered several changes inside Iran, with many new names and terms being searched by the nation.

Quite surprisingly, an Android App store became the most searched term in the country during May and ranked first.

The site (FirstMarket in English) outranked other search terms and websites this month, even the recent movie events.

The top city for searches of the application was Qom south of Tehran, followed by Hamedan in the west. Searches for the app peaked on May 29 and shot up from a low on May 5.

The second breakout term, or a word search that has risen over 4,000% within the past 30 days, was Cannes, written in the Persian script.

The Cannes movie festival was a dominant theme in this month's results with more hits following down the charts. The region searching it out the most was North Khorasan, though the biggest interest comes from an entirely different city, Iran's former capital of Isfahan, according to Google.

Next up, as stated previously, was Palme d'Or nominee, Foroushande (The Salesman). The movie won two awards at the event: Best Screenplay and Best Actor.

The region, which topped the search last month, was Qazvin, west of Tehran. Isfahan again tops other cities for searching out the term. Accordingly, the movie reached a peak in results on May 23.

The next most searched name within Iran was Minoo Khaleqi who won the parliamentary election but was disqualified by the vetting body Guardians Council on the basis of its discretionary powers.

Search terms for Miss Khaleqi jumped 850% in the past month, with people searching her twice in the past month. The cities of Qazvin and West Azarbaijan's Urmia searched her name out the most.

Next up is Donya Jahanbakht, an infatuated fan of a foreign-based Iranian singer (the two never met), who climbed up the Instagram rankings in Iran for threatening to kill herself after the singer announced his engagement with another lady.

Searches for this lady peaked on May 6 with Hamedan searching her out the most, and Isfahan city peaking among urban areas.

Next up this month is television presenter and actor Farzad Hassani who climbed up the rankings for ridiculing a guest on his TV show, which triggered a public outrage that led to a 600% jump in online interest.

Golestan region peaked with searches for Hassani, while Isfahan again driving the raging machine with the most vehemence.

Long time trend, DVD box-set serial Shahrzad remained on the chart this month with people searching out episode 27 specifically, the series' final episode.

Semnan led the way over the past 30-day period with Tehran surprisingly being the biggest urban area displaying the most interest.

Cannes rears its head again this month with Shahab Hosseini, the main actor in the Salesman movie, who came into the spotlight after winning the Best Actor award in the southern French town.

Lorestan in Iran's west searched out the actor's name this month, with, as you've guessed it right, Isfahan being the biggest search city.

Accordingly, the main actress in the movie, Taraneh Alidoosti, also followed in searches and settled at the end of our chart.

Searches for Alidoosti peaked on May 23 with the southern western region of Hamedan registering the largest number of searches.

Next month is likely to be very different, as the nation starts fasting in the holy month of Ramadan where thoughts incline toward more religious concerns.