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70,000 Domestic Mobile Apps Produced in 18 Months

70,000 Domestic Mobile Apps Produced in 18 Months70,000 Domestic Mobile Apps Produced in 18 Months

Iranians developed 70,000 mobile applications in the last year and a half, calling for teaching programming languages in Iran’s universities.

Nasrollah Jahangard, the deputy minister for information and communications technology, made the statement in the closing ceremony of Sharif CodeCup on Friday, while stressing that the IT market in Iran is expanding rapidly, Mehr News Agency reported.

“The third and fourth generations of mobile telecommunications and the ability to upload information have caused a complete metamorphosis in the country’s IT market,” he said.

Jahangard noted that the country’s ICT market share is about $85 million, the major part of which is dedicated to telecommunications technologies.

"The software market share is currently meager, but this is expanding rapidly," he said.

“The IT industry holds about 2.5% share of the country’s GDP, but we predict that this share will increase by at least twofold over the next five years.”

Jahangard also said currently, the share of ICT market in Iran is estimated to be over $29 billion and that can have a 20-30% growth, given the rapid development in the fields of software, application and content.

Google's Android remains the most popular mobile platform in Iran followed by iOS and Windows phone.