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Turkish Tech Firm Seeking Iranian Partner

Turkish Tech Firm Seeking Iranian PartnerTurkish Tech Firm Seeking Iranian Partner

A Turkish company selling its equipment around the Middle East is looking to sell its face and car recognition technology to Iran's police force.Ekin Patrol, which has been available in Europe for about a year as well as Turkey and neighboring Azerbaijan, hopes to expand to Iran in future. It did not elaborate on talks held so far with the Iranian police force. The Turkish tech company was recently granted an American patent for what might be the surveillance trifecta: a light bar (the light on the roof of a police car) with an integrated license plate reader, speedometer and facial recognition capability, Ars Technica reported. A promotional video from Abu Dhabi's police force published last autumn demonstrates a souped-up, Hollywood-style imagining of what such advanced police surveillance could look like using the Ekin Patrol. As it passes bystanders on the street, the camera quickly scans their faces. Each installation, Ekin said, costs between $20,000 and $50,000 depending on the options.