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ADSL Subscribers Increasing

ADSL Subscribers Increasing
ADSL Subscribers Increasing

The number of high-speed Internet ports has seen a 41-fold increase over the past six years, with 4.8 million ADSL users in Iran, a deputy of the Telecommunications Company of Iran said.

By March 2010, only 98,000 used high-speed Internet ports in the country. By the end of the last Iranian year (ended March 19, 2016) the number had reached 4.8 million, up by 18% compared to the year before, Mehr News Agency quoted Ali Malek Jafarian as saying.

Jafarian noted that during this period, TCI had a 62% share in the country’s ADSL business. The same number was reportedly 41% in March 2015.

About 96.5% of the country’s population receive services offered by TCI, as it is the country’s only fixed-line telephone provider.

“There are 30 million landline telephone subscribers, 72 million mobile phone subscribers and 4 million Internet subscribers with the company,” he said.

The official added that there were more than 67.5 million active mobile numbers in the country by March 19, 2016.  

Jafarian noted that studies carried out by the International Telecommunication Union in 2015 revealed that TCI ranks seventh globally and first in the Middle East in terms of landline phone subscribers, and 21st globally and number one in the Middle East in terms of mobile phone subscribers.     

“Establishing strategic partnerships with key stakeholders, delivering innovative and high-quality services and improving the performance of information technology and network divisions are the company’s main strategic goals,” he said.