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Flight Booking Website Launched

Flight Booking Website LaunchedFlight Booking Website Launched

A new website to book domestic flights has been launched with the express permission of Iran's related authorities., developed by Saee Tehran Travel Agency, lists several Iranian airports across the country where you can fly to and from.  The search function on the front page will be familiar to those who have used international websites like and, which are leaders in discount ticketing.

Iran's Civil Aviation Organization has also given its blessing to the site, according to local online news agency WEBNA.

Samtik has also been endorsed by e-Namad, a local online Trust logo that guarantees purchases.

The site is able to take orders via Iran's online payment systems using the national Shetab System, according to the report. Doing a search on the website is straightforward, with all airports listed and dates going six months ahead. While doing a sample search, from Tehran's Mehrabad Airport to Kish, a popular destination with Iranians, prices remained competitive with several airlines listed. The website also has an option for international flight checking, but when clicked it states that this service "will be coming soon".

Unfortunately, the website is only in the Persian language currently, meaning foreigners cannot make order due to the language barrier. It also does not accept international payment systems. Iran's online ticketing industry has been one of the few laggards in recent years when it comes to e-commerce, as a strong bloc of traditional travel agents opposed the onslaught by local startups who repeatedly attempted to get the service off the ground.

Another issue hampering development in this area has been airlines who have until recently not implemented their own e-ticketing plans.

They also don't feature tour operators taking passengers on chartered flights. But when they do, a whole big niche market will open for both the website and the prospective tourists.