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Free WiFi in Jamkaran Mosque

Free WiFi in Jamkaran MosqueFree WiFi in Jamkaran Mosque

Iran's largest mobile provider Mobile Communications Company of Iran (MCI or Hamrah-e-Avval) has announced it will be offering free WiFi to select sites around Jamkaran Mosque in the city of Qom. The offer by the largest mobile provider has become an annual offer to pilgrims attending religious ceremonies in several cities around the country.  MTN-Irancell, MCI's biggest competitor, has also begun offering similar offers in recent years.  The introductory offer will become a permanent fixture, according to MCI's press release with at least six hotspots located around the site. The report noted that in the previous year, the company witnessed a threefold increase in the number of users logging on to the service.   Neutrino package holders (an Internet package offered by the group) can access the site with their own mobile number and password, the press release added.