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Google Removes Analytics Service for Iran

Google Removes Analytics Service for IranGoogle Removes Analytics Service for Iran

Google has again removed the recently opened analytics service to Iranian Internet users, according to several Twitter users on May 17.

In response to Financial Tribune's query regarding the service, Google responded by saying the company is still not allowed to deal with Iranian customers due to the sanctions imposed by the US Office for Foreign Assets Control.

The company said Google must comply with sanctions, which remain in place for all American companies and individuals dealing with Iran.

Unfortunately, Iranians will have to do without the service, as it still cannot deal with advertisers in the Islamic Republic until the US government changes its policy.

There is no mention whether the company will now pull other services as well, as it has decided to plug the analytics service for Iran. So far, other Google services like Gmail, Maps and Google Play store have remained accessible.   

Iran has had a tough time with online services like Google in recent years, which regularly play truant and millions of Iranian users lament the poor services of American web providers.