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Google Analytics Now Available in Iran

Google Analytics Now Available in Iran
Google Analytics Now Available in Iran

Google Analytics, a service provided by the search giant to help track metrics on a website, is now available in the Islamic Republic for the first time.

The issue of Google banning many services to Iranians has been a bugbear of tech enthusiasts in the country for over a decade. Things became worse when other services were blocked when sanctions began kicking in 2012.  

Reports originating from several Twitter users on the subject began circulating on May 14 that both Google Analytics and Google Developer are now freely available for website owners in Iran.  Shayan Tawabi, marketing manager of Reyhoon, a local food delivery website, said on Saturday, "Thanks for removing the limits for #Iran, We are SO HAPPY to hear this! #Google #Thankyou."

Other user echoed Tawabi's statements tagging the search giant's search engine service in thank you messages, with a big emphasis on the HAPPY part.

Google was contacted by the Tribune, with one customer service operator responding with, "We will look into the matter."

Unlike Google's Play application store, there were no alternatives for users to integrate their websites with search rankings and improve their sites. This also had a detrimental effect on the growth of Iranian website visibility.  

Virtual Private Networks also were no use for getting around the Geo-Block, as the search engine provider figured Iranians were logging on from alternative locations and also blocked them.

Financial Tribune contacted the site owners of, an educational website, who confirmed that they had just installed Wordpress Google Analytics plug-in to their website.  

They confirmed that it is running and that they can also put Iran as their location on the setup of the service.