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MTN-Irancell Begins IPv6 Testing

MTN-Irancell Begins IPv6 Testing
MTN-Irancell Begins IPv6 Testing

MTN-Irancell, Iran's second largest mobile network in terms of subscribers, has announced it has begun testing Internet Protocol Version 6 or IPv6, to enable Internet of Things connectivity.

The new development, according to the company's press release, states that Irancell developed the new system in cooperation with Iran’s Telecommunications Infrastructure Company and Information Technology Organization.

IPv6 is the latest version of Internet protocols set to replace the current IPv4 protocol.

Development of machine-to-machine and Internet of Things technology can connect many devices such as mobile phones, cameras and even home appliances and digital picture frames. This has increased the need to improve the Internet protocol.

The sixth version uses a 128 bit structure while the old IPv4 can only deliver a 32 bit structure for Internet communications.

It is predicted that billions of connected things will join the Internet in the next few years.

On the sidelines of last December's 21st edition of the Elecomp festival in Tehran, Irancell showcased Iran’s first 4G-enabled car, using a technologically upgraded Ssangyong’s Korando as an example, Asre Khodro reported at the time.

A company spokesman at the event said as part of the company’s push into new machine-to-machine technologies, the car exemplified what could be done if companies team up to offer a new range of services through IoT.

The second operator has stepped up efforts in recent months to broaden its user base and overtake MCI, or Hamrah-e-Avval.