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Iran Web Trends

Iran Web TrendsIran Web Trends

Iran's Internet trends in April have shifted away from the usual staple of home video shows and news events to other national pastimes—like watching football.

In first place through the month of April was the death of footballer Mehrdad Oladi, who played for Malavan, a team at the lower end of the premier league.

The mystery over the 30-year-old's death raised eyebrows across the Islamic Republic on how a fit premier league footballer could drop dead of a heart attack. Rumors linked his demise, according to footballer enthusiasts, to a drug problem and some related issues.

As yet, the autopsy report about the cause of death has not been released.

Searches for the footballer's death peaked on April 19, the day he died, with Mazandaran province and neighboring Gilan leading the queries. Oladi came under increasing criticism by fans of Malavan before his death for going through several clubs inside Iran, since his debut at the pro-league powerhouse Persepolis.

In second place last month was Rooz-e Moallem written in Persian, literally meaning Teachers Day, which was celebrated by thousands of students around Iran.

South Khorasan Province led last month followed by southern neighbor Sistan-Baluchestan Province.

The city of Birjand in South Khorasan Province led the city searches. Searches for this special day began creeping up on April 22 and then peaked on May 1. Teachers Day is held on May 2 in Iran.

The next most searched term through the past month was Rooz-e Pedar (Fathers Day) written in Persian. The day is celebrated in Iran on 13th Rajab, which marks the birth anniversary of Imam Ali (PBUH), the first Shia Imam.

Searches for this jumped by 2,400% over the same period, with many people inside the country probably checking the date to buy a present.  The next search term Pedar closely followed with both peaking at the beginning of May, but climbing gradually over two weeks in April.

In fifth, sixth and seventh places respectively during the 30-day period was Esteqlal and Persepolis as well as Premier League (aka League Bartar in Persian).

Searches for the three rose by 160%, 150% and 140% during the same period. The reason for the jump in football interest this past month was due to the Tehran derby with the two biggest teams squaring off against each other. The next searched term throughout Iran was "Estekhdam" meaning employment that keeps cropping up every month but peaks in summer when students seek opportunities to earn more money for the vacation break.  

The most searches were recorded for Khorramabad and Qazvin, but many cities around the country are also following suit.

In ninth place this month was Sanjesh, referring to the organization in charge of the national university entrance exams. This was searched by many around the country, which peaked to 60%. The largest number of searches for this term stemmed from Isfahan and was followed by Kashan, according to the search giant.

In 10th place last month was Iran Khodro, Iran's largest automaker, which released two new vehicles in the past few months, with billboards across the country.

This search term moved 50% up in the average charts and peaked on April 20.