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Call for Genetics Papers

Call for Genetics PapersCall for Genetics Papers

The second international and 14th national Genetics Congress of Iran will convene in Tehran on May 21-23 to discuss the industry in light of the current changes in Iran's global standing since the cessation of sanctions.  The organizers invite all scholars, professors and researchers active in the field of genetics and allied sciences to send abstracts and participate in the annual event.  The congress website noted that the main goal of this year's congress is to create an atmosphere of cooperation among the scientific community in the field of genetics.  The national congress also aims to showcase national achievements in the field of genetics, it said.  According to the site, 1,500 people will attend the conference where topics, such as human genetics and medicines, plant genetics, forensic genetics, microorganisms, animal genetics, new genetic technologies, stem cell research, ethics, religious and national ethical law as well as bioinformatics, will be discussed. Group discussions on latest developments in the fields of genetics with the participation of international and local experts have also been scheduled, according to a press release.