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Persian Calorie-Counter Application Released

Persian Calorie-Counter Application ReleasedPersian Calorie-Counter Application Released

A new health-focused app has been developed and released in Iran.

Karafs (meaning celery in Farsi) is an application that utilizes scientific methods to help users maintain a balanced diet.

The application counts calories and will help you eat your favorite foods safely by controlling the overall intake, local technology website Webna reported.

Users simply insert the food they eat during each meal as well as the activities that they carry out. The app then calculates the amount of calories consumed and burnt depending on the activities carried out.

It also shows exercise videos that can be emulated at home without requiring special gym equipment.

Using the app, users can access daily or monthly reports on the status of their calories.

The application also allows users to set goals, which is an ideal feature for those who want to lose a certain amount of weight before a set deadline.

It includes a list of Iranian and foreign foods, and is available for download on the Iranian application store for Android, Café Bazaar.