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Avicenna Observed Supernova

Avicenna Observed SupernovaAvicenna Observed Supernova

German researchers have discovered a handwritten manuscript of Iran’s Avicenna in which the Persian philosopher and scientist watched a phenomenon now known as a supernova. A brief observation of the star SN 1006 report is presented in The Book of Healing (Kitab al-Shifa) written by Avicenna, ISNA reported. According to the researchers who discovered the writing, there is no doubt that this is the supernova that occurred on 1 May 1006. This phenomenon has also been described by Arab and Chinese astronomers and well known contemporary scientists. The remains of the supernova were discovered in 1960 by Australian Parkes Observatory. Avicenna is among the most influential scientists of the medieval Muslim world. Born on August 16, 980, he died on June 18, 1037. He is the author of over 450 books on 29 areas of science. His principal writings pertain to medicine, biology, ethics and religion.