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1st Nanofiber Production Line Launched

1st Nanofiber Production Line Launched1st Nanofiber Production Line Launched

The Iranian vice president for science and technology has inaugurated the first export-oriented production line of a knowledge-based company. Sorena Sattari opened the production line of an electrospinning device produced by a knowledge-based company called Nano Fanavaran–Meghyas (Scale Nanotechnology Company) on April 21, Iran Project reported.

"With the support of the government, the company could start the industrial production of the electrospinning device or nanofiber production machine," said Dr. Reza Faridi Majidi, managing director of Scale Nanotechnology Company, in the opening ceremony.

Faridi explained that after years of doing research on nanofibers and using foreign machines, the company could not develop the device so it decided to produce the internal model. He noted that the company has exported the machine to Nigeria and Malaysia.

"The company has also sold the device to a South Korean company," he added, without elaborating on the company's name or the machine's cost. Speaking about the different use of nanofibers produced by electrospinning system, Faridi said they can be used in power plants, filters and respiratory masks.