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University Students Develop Hybrid Bike

University Students Develop Hybrid BikeUniversity Students Develop Hybrid Bike

Iranian students at Khajeh Nasir Toosi University of Technology in Tehran have built a hybrid bicycle modeled after the Asiatic cheetah.

Mahmoud Karimi, the student leading the Badpay-e Nasir team, said during the unveiling ceremony of this hybrid bicycle in the First Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Conference on April 15 that the bicycle is powered by the bike rider and an electric motor, and is named Cheetah, Mehr News Agency reported.

"On a flat ground where the biker uses the pedal, the battery is simultaneously charged. Each charging time can last for 10 km, while high-quality batteries can last for even 20 km,” he said.

"If you make a plan to alternate between using the pedal and the electric system wisely, Cheetah’s battery can actually last for 40 km.”

Karimi noted that the distance covered also depends on the battery's properties, speed and road conditions.

“We have also designed a system through which the biker can keep track of the speed, the battery charge and the road map on his/her smartphone. The system will be developed into a website later," he said.

Karimi announced that his team plans to hold negotiations with Tehran Municipality for the mass production of the hybrid bicycle. The smaller size of hybrid bicycles as well as their cost and energy efficiency make them a much better candidate compared to other methods of transport.

Last November, Mohammad Taqi Bat'haei, the project manager, said the hybrid bicycle, which weighs 30 kg, has the potential to become a popular brand in the global market.