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New Site for Sci-Tech Students

New Site for Sci-Tech Students
New Site for Sci-Tech Students

A new site has been launched in the Persian language for science and technology students.

The new site,, aims to give high school students across Iran a greater understanding of several fields of study, including biology and earth sciences.

Wikiwall allows registered, be they university professor and high school teachers, to contribute articles.

The media on the site combines, text, picture and video collected from global leading sources making the information available to students some of the freshest online in Iran.

The site was launched in the presence of the advisor to Iranian vice president for science and technology, Parviz Karami, who said the site's goal is to meet the needs of the new technology-based economies, something which the administration of President Hassan Rouhani is focusing heavily on.

The advisor also mentioned that the website has been designed in a way that it is compatible with the curriculum of the entire country, meaning that students in any location can access it.

Karami has been a big proponent of developing educational resources in the Islamic Republic and publicly stated in 2013 that the government is determined to support the country's scientific elites.

This push, like many other low-cost Internet initiatives, is aimed at retaining Iran's university graduates in the country, as many continue to graduate from science and technology courses and immigrate overseas for jobs offering higher salaries and better perks.