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US Reward for Reporting Terrorists

US Reward for Reporting Terrorists
US Reward for Reporting Terrorists

US Senator Charles Schumer is introducing legislation requiring a $25,000 reward for information generated through social media that helps thwart a terror attack in the country.

The New York City Democrat told AP the legislation will be introduced later this month at the local level.

Schumer formally announced the bill at a news conference on April 10 and clarified the details to the media.

He said the public should "say something if they see something, especially on their newsfeed," which may cause issues with civil rights activists.

Schumer says the current law does not specifically cover tips generated through social media.

The proposed bill would require the Department of State to pay rewards of no less than $25,000 for information that leads to an arrest or conviction in a terror case.

A Department of State spokeswoman said the agency was consulting experts and would respond as soon as it could.

Reporting suspicious activity has become a common procedure since the 9/11 attacks in the United States, though it raises questions over the encroaching state interference.