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Solar Dryer Developed

Solar Dryer DevelopedSolar Dryer Developed

As the race for solar-related technology continues, one researcher has pushed the concept of solar-powered devices that little bit farther. The newly crafted solar dryer was built using fluid cycle technique at the University of Tehran, Mehr News Agency reported.

Hadi Samimi, the inventor and a PhD student of mechanical engineering at Aburaihan Campus in Pakdasht, designed and produced the solar dryer taking advantage of fluid cycle method.

The construction of the device formed the subject of Samimi’s doctoral dissertation, which was completed under the supervision of Akbar Arab Mohammad Hosseini and the guidance of Mohammad Hossein Kianmehr over seven semesters. In addition, two scientific articles on the research outcomes have been published in credible international journals.

The device has been developed for the first time in Iran and will be able to alleviate some of the difficulties faced in terms of producing agricultural machinery.

This could also lead to advances in dried food production by reducing agricultural waste and improving the food economy.

Iran is slowly becoming well regarded for its research into solar projects and this latest domestic achievement will likely be picked up by either a government agency or private enterprise looking to develop the project.

Such dryers use solar energy to dry substances, especially food. A direct solar dryer dehydrates fruits and vegetables using direct sunlight.