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Happy Holidays With Problem-Free Connectivity

Happy Holidays With Problem-Free ConnectivityHappy Holidays With Problem-Free Connectivity

With the recently added capacity to Internet infrastructure networks, bandwidth capacity will reach 500 Gbps to ensure problem-free connectivity during the Iranian New Year holidays (March 20-April 2), according to an official.   

As of February 11, Iran's international bandwidth capacity was recorded at 307 Gbps and an extra 200 Gbps has been added recently, Mehr News Agency quoted Deputy Minister of Communications and Information Technology Mahmoud Khosravi as saying.

While claiming that connectivity in the holiday season will be trouble-free, the official noted that local bandwidth has also reached 4 Tbps and users will not experience any limitations in terms of Internet connectivity.

Back in January, Minister of Communications and Information Technology Mahmoud Vaezi said Iran’s Internet bandwidth had grown 3.5x in two years and hit the data transfer rate of 276 GB per second.

Vaezi made the declaration at the Fifth Conference on E-Banking in Tehran on Monday.

“The international Internet bandwidth has broadened from 72 GB/s to 276 GB/s in the last two years and the country’s IP capacity has also increased fivefold," he said.

The ministry has been buying up extra capacity in the past few months with chosen suppliers, including both Iraq and Russia, according to reports from Internet users.

An Internet executive, who wished not to be named, said, "Buying extra capacity from foreign countries is quite common, as Iran is constantly exhausting its own supply."