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London Buses Have Live Ads

London Buses Have Live Ads London Buses Have Live Ads

Commuters across London can now access real-time transport updates and contextually relevant advertising on their mobile phones through MyStop, a web service launched by mobile commerce provider Proxama with the support of Google and in partnership with out-of-home advertising provider Exterion Media. The service uses Google’s Eddystone open beacon format and has initially gone live on the beacon network that Exterion Media installed on 500 London buses in July 2015. It is available to passengers who have the Chrome browser installed on their iPhone or Android handset, without requiring them to download a mobile app, according to NFC News. Travelers can use the service to see real-time route updates and set reminder notifications, as they approach their chosen stop. Google began supporting the physical web in its Chrome browser in February 2015, enabling users to discover web content relevant to their surroundings via Eddystone Bluetooth Low Energy beacons.