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1st Iranian 3D Printer

1st Iranian 3D Printer
1st Iranian 3D Printer

Tabriz Islamic Art University has produced the first three-dimensional printer.

Speaking to reporters on Saturday, Ibrahim Imani, director of the university’s Software Technology Development Center, said the center, which started its activities in May 2015, has achieved great success in a short period.

Noting that one of the products of the center is the three-dimensional printer built and commercialized for the first time in Iran, Imani said the 3D printer can also operate in Persian, Mehr News Agency reported.

“Although more complete than similar samples, the Iranian version of 3D printer is cheaper than foreign counterparts and has a wide range of applications in industry, including in jewelry design, sculpture as well as  medical, dental, mechanical, civil and architecture fields,” he said.

Imani noted that materials used to build the 3D printer is polymer and plastic, but the group is experimenting with different raw materials for manufacturing future versions.