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Cafe Bazaar on 28 Million Phones

Cafe Bazaar on 28 Million PhonesCafe Bazaar on 28 Million Phones

Cafe Bazaar, Iran’s most popular local Android app store, announced over the Iranian weekend (Thursday-Friday) that its app has now been installed on over 28 million Android devices. Speaking in a news conference, Hesam Armandehi, the local app store’s CEO, noted the growth in the application’s revenue has grown 120% over the past 12-month period (ending March 19), according to the press release released to local technology site, Techrasa. The CEO noted that the uptake in installations of the app was largely due to the growth in 3G LTE, a mobile communications standard. The emergence of 3G as a competitor to regular WiFi signals is part of a growing trend by the operators to offer more competitive services.

Armandehi announced the group’s upcoming Panjshanbeh (Thursday in Farsi) Bazaar, which will allow the company to meet many of the local app developers who work in Tehran and surrounding cities. The event, the second such event, is an annual gathering of mobile app developers from the Islamic Republic and is the largest of any kind in the country.