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StatNano Sets Up Nanotech Products Database

StatNano Sets Up Nanotech Products Database
StatNano Sets Up Nanotech Products Database

The development of novel technologies in Iran has resulted in the presentation of new products to market with improved and modified properties and applications.

As a novel technology, nanotechnology has found its place in various industries and numerous nanotech products have so far been marketed.

Given the large number of nanotech products used in various industries, StatNano has created a new database to gather information about these products.

The new database, entitled Nanotechnology Products Database, was founded in January 2016 in Iran to become a reliable and credible source for the identification and analysis of nanotech products in the global market, according to Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council.

The mission of NPD is to collect, analyze and publish information about products, which according to their manufacturer’s claim and the verification of StatNano experts, have utilized nanotechnology to improve their performance and properties products.

The database also provides visitors with analyses on nanomaterials used in products, development of nanotech products in industrial sub-sectors of every country, leading manufacturers of such products and the properties and applications of nanotech products in various industries and sub-sectors.

The company has so far gathered information about 3,443 nanotech products made by 556 companies.

NPD is an online interactive database that updates the list of nanotech products on a daily basis and enables visitors to present new nanotech products to the database.

The initiative lists the Islamic Republic as one of the largest contributors of nano research with monthly publications listing the country's successes.