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Father of Iran's Modern Math Commemorated

Father of Iran's Modern Math Commemorated
Father of Iran's Modern Math Commemorated

Tehran Elites Foundation commemorated the scientific contributions of the late Dr. Gholamhossein Mosaheb, the father of Iran's modern mathematics.

Mehdi Mohaqqeq, the head of Iran's Cultural Elites and Precious Literary Works and keynote speaker in the commemoration, said in the ceremony that Dr. Mosaheb was a unique scientist and a prominent mathematician whose scientific thoughts were truly unmatched.

Mohaqqeq added that one of the greatest concerns of the elite mathematician was to encourage the young generation in scientific fields.

"One of Dr. Mosaheb's precious initiatives was to compile a Persian encyclopedia in a very innovative way, which is a precious legacy," he added.

Mohaqqeq said 100 books and booklets on mathematics of that scientist have been published and commemorating the lifetime services of this great personality is the least that can be done today.

He also proposed that such ceremonies be held during the lifetime of eminent personalities and not posthumously.

"Professors such as Mosaheb are the precious scientific assets of the country and young university students should become acquainted with the personality traits of those teachers," he said.

Gholamhossein Mosaheb (1910-79) was an Iranian mathematician and logician whose works have been praised by scholars such as Iraj Afshar and Najaf Daryabandari.

With proficiency in Persian, Arabic, French and English, he studied in Iran, France and England and received his PhD from Cambridge University.

He is the founder of Mosaheb Institute of Mathematics, Teacher Training University and was the director of the Institute of Mathematics affiliated to Kharazmi University from 1972-74.