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Iranian, Iraqi Varsities Sign Scientific Agreement

Iranian, Iraqi Varsities Sign Scientific AgreementIranian, Iraqi Varsities Sign Scientific Agreement

An Iranian academic delegation currently visiting Baghdad signed an agreement with the most prestigious Iraqi university of Baghdad to cooperate in scientific and research fields.

The Iranian delegation consists of chancellors of 10 accredited Iranian universities.

Chancellor of Baghdad University Ala Abdul-Hossein Abdul-Rasoul signed the agreement with Science and Industry, and Yazd universities. Baghdad University will later expand its academic cooperation with other Iranian universities, IRNA reported.

Hossein Salari-Amoli, an official of Iran's Science, Research and Technology Ministry, said Iran and Iraq are neighboring countries with many cultural, social and religious commonalities.

"Expansion of bilateral scientific relations can help deepen their mutual ties," he added.

Salari-Amoli referred to the good scientific infrastructure in Iraq and noted that despite the prevailing chaos and insecurity there, the country possesses a favorable scientific capacity.

After signing the agreement, Baghdad University's chancellor said initially, fellowships will be exchanged in the fields of engineering, communications and science.

Later, he added, students and professors will be exchanged and a permanent link would be established between the two sides.

The University of Baghdad, established in 1957, is the largest academic institution in Iraq and ranks 18th among the 100 distinguished universities in the Arab world. It is the only Iraqi university included in the world ranking. It has 24 schools in various fields of science.